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Masques is an open source, distributed, encrypted social network

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Entire interface: sidebar + main window

Soap Box

  • Update Status Initates a share: opens the 'Visibility Settings' window, to select who can view share.
  • + Create New Share: Opens 'New Share' in the main window. If there is text in the status message field, from the soap box, it becomes the subject of the message.

Recent Shares

All shares from all friends, sorted chronologically, with newest on top.

  • Inbox filters to only the messages the user is tagged in.
  • Filter searches title, truncated message, content type, or friend's name.
  • Friends' avitars will be included in each share.
  • Shares that the current user is tagged in are highlighted (see second share).
  • For all shares that are not status updates: [title] [friend's name] shared a [content type]. [truncated message] [shared date/time]
  • For status updates: [friend's name] updated his/her/their status. [truncated status update] [shared date/time]

Online Friends

A list of friends who are online, their avitar and truncated status message, and a 'chat' button.

  • Clicking on friend's name or icon pulls up their profile.
  • Chat button opens up a chat window.
  • Filter searches on name only.

Primary Screens in main window

Each primary screen has it's name on the top right of the main window, when it fills the main window.





Your Profile

Friend's Profile


Share Tab

Groups and friends have a share tab. The share tab shows the shares related to that respective entity.

Single Share in main window

View Status Update

View Shared File

View Shared Album

View Friend's Profile

Secondary Windows

New Share

Screen for a new share. New shares are in new windows.

  • The “Share with…” field accepts either usernames or local groups (it searches them as you type). Each friend/local group would be separated by a comma, semi-colon, or just a space. Typing any friend into that field, sets the radio buttons next to it to “selected”.
  • Content type (sometimes called share type) defaults to Message.
  • If a single file is selected, type defaults to 'File'. If multiple files are selected, type defaults to 'Other File Album', unless it is all mp3s or all photos. The user can always change the type, but it has to make sense (a set of photos can't be a 'Message' type, but can include a message body).
  • If the content is of type [something] album, then the album can be named. The album name field only appears when there are two or files selected, or the type is an album.
  • A user can be tagged in the body with the @username convention.
  • The other two share types for v1 are not done from this window. They are status update (from sidebar) and profile (from the profile main window).
  • In v2, 'New Share' will have to be a number of screens (one for forum, one for event, etc..) but I think we can rock this out in v1, given our limited set of initial content types.

Instant Message


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File Storage

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