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v1 feature set:


  • Files or messages, received or sent, need an interface to be searched, managed, etc.


  • We need a solid set of tools to manage permissions on an either per friend or per group basis. Usability and clarity is key.


  • E-mail and instant message styles. Forums, lists, etc. should be held off until v2.
  • Each item in the Stream may be replied to with comments, that are grouped under the stream.


  • Files (any type of non-executable[?]) should be able to be sent via “im” or “mail” or just as a file.
  • http like, not bittorent like.
  • Files should be either available to a group, friend, or just public (public being all friends).
  • Avatars for users, once we have file infrastructure.
  • Files can NOT be grouped in v1. Tagging only.
  • Tags galore!
  • File management interface - users should be able to easily see what they share and who they share it with.


  • Thumbnails of images, click to open or save.
  • Other files can only be saved, at least for v1.
  • Messages appear in the stream. (IM?)
  • Way of looking through history (pagination, search, or both)

Friend Management

  • Easy way of seeing pending friend requests, and accepting or rejecting.
  • Way to give your friends nicks or override their avatar with some image you like more.
  • Easy way to assign friends to groups, see which friends are in groups, create groups, move friends around, etc..

Identities and locations (what you send as a friend request)

  • Only one identity and only one location at first.
  • QR codes would greatly ease usability, and break friend requests out of just the digital world.


  • Korma DB migration.
  • I like Inverted Image's self destruct idea. Scary though. Maybe include a confirm screen? Random key combination + enter can't be that much more cumbersome than random key combination.
  • Easy way to back up database.


  • Likely an IZPack installer. Up to Matt (I don't know anything about installers).

Auto updater

  • We need one.


  • Totally optional.
  • Image + text field = a profile.
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